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Naisha reflects the spirit and the lifestyle of today’s younger set ,moving with the time and adopting styles ,trends, fashion and beauty . It continuously strives to step up gear towards progressive and relevant content . Our designs are fusion of traditional and avant- grande to give you the best of two worlds . Naisha chooses to give special memories , on all special occasion without any time or work interruption and constrain.

We are dedicated to being responsible in every aspect of our business, because we believe that the little things can make a big difference. Aesthetic , Diversity and exclusiveness is the integral part of our brand. We believe in empowering and inspiring all individuals realize their dreams , their way. Though you leave wanting more, you won’t be leaved unsatisfied. Customization at doorstep to recreate yourself.

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Naisha Fashion Offer Excellent Service with wide ranges of customized products as per my choice We are happy that we booked best one and saved time and money.
Chaitali Gandhi

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Welcome to premier destination. Naisha creates stylish wardrobe to enhances ones personality with ready to wear classic , versatile and timeless iconic attires that suits all events .

Wedding is the most special day of ones life and people want to look perfect ,wearing the most beautiful dress with sparkling jewellery which truly mirrors your heart. To accentuate the feminism factor women accompany jewellery created from precious metal stones ,gold , silver and diamonds.

Make up is more than just colours-it’s a chance for people to step out of their everyday to something wonderful . It helps to build up self esteem and confidence of an individual.Our goal as artist is to create a warm naturally beautiful look using a palette of colours ,textures and pigments that compliment your unique personality and complexion . Expect a lot of head to turn be it any occasion!

Photograph plays important role in everyone’s life they connect to us , our past , remind us of people , places , feelings and stories. It just not only allows you to capture moments but to freeze all of the emotions associated with those moments in time . Every minute details is been beautifully captured in well thought frames and presented to relive those memories forever.

It’s a old and rich tradition of Indian culture of applying mehendi . It represents good fortune and luck to the newly wed couple . It’s applied in varied designs ,traditional ones to fusion Arabic too. In addition to luck and fortune it also signals strength of the bond between husband and wife . It’s commonly stated that the darker the mehendi on brides hand longer their souls shall be together .


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